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Live with us the best day of your life

You have already set the wedding date? So do you just have to choose the right placefor the banquet. The Hotel Capo Est Gabicce Mare is right for you. Spacious rooms overlooking the bay of Vallugola, a small inlet with unique, high quality food, breathtaking views.

For the most important day of your life we promise perfection. Come with us to decide your menu for the wedding dinner, you'll be spoiled for choice with the great dishes of international cuisine and the full flavor of the local tradition: fresh fish delicacies orinland.

Genuine products served at the table in a triumph of flavors to marry you and your guestswill captivate the palate.

And after dinner the party moves to the pool: music, dancing, the sweet sound of the sea and the stars that light up your night sweeter.